Data Visualization Workshops

Data Visualization Principles + Storytelling: An Introduction

This 120-minute session will provide an overview of data visualization principles and storytelling with data. This session will focus on why we visualize data, the psychology of visualization, an introduction to chart types, refining visuals for impact, the data visualization process, and lastly an introduction to a story-based approach to presenting data.

Workshop is geared for all audiences and is aimed at introducing these topics and ideas at a high level.

Data Visualization: Designing for Impact

This 60 or 90-minute workshop is geared towards designing static data visualizations for impact. The key premise of this workshop assumes data visualization consumers will give visuals a maximum of five seconds of their attention. How do we approach designing visuals that are meaningful, impactful, and clearly understood within five seconds? This session takes a deeper dive into design principles ranging from an introduction to chart types, visualization structure and hierarchy, design simplification and clarification techniques, and strategies for amplifying the key design takeaways.

Workshop is aimed at all audiences and workshop could be combined with a tools training component with examples customized to audience focus area.

Data Visualization: Chart Type Exploration

This 90 or 120-minute workshop is designed to explore the world of charts. When making a data visualization, why would you use a line chart vs. a bar chart vs. a waffle chart vs. a beeswarm plot? Advances in technology have vastly improved the tool kit of data analytics and business intelligence experts allowing the use of a variety of charts that extend beyond the standard tool kit of visuals presented in mainstream software programs. The goal of this workshop is to develop a process of chart selection and exposure participants to various forms of charts that can be used to better tell the story in their data.

Workshop is aimed at all audiences but is best geared towards to BI and analytics professionals. This workshop is best combined with a tools training component geared towards creating new chart types.

Exploratory Data Analysis: A Data Visualization Approach

This 60 or 90-minute workshop is aimed at developing a process and approach to exploring a dataset for stories. How do you start to explore your data? Have a dataset with a couple million observations and a hundred variables that needs to be explored? The goal of this workshop is to develop a strategy for exploring this dataset to systematically better understand stories of individual variables, as well as the relationships between variables, all while using a data visualization approach.

Workshop is geared towards BI and analytics professionals. This workshop is best combined with a tools training and possibly exposure to introductory coding using open-source coding platforms for efficient exploratory data analysis (EDA).

Data + Stories: Presenting for Impact

This 60 or 90-minute workshop is designed to bring data to life. How do you tell a story with data? Can you use a narrative approach to presenting data and information for your audience? This workshop will explore the principles of storytelling and story arcs and seek to apply these principles to dynamic presentations. The goal is offer strategies for turning those standard boardroom data-driven presentations into strategic, intentional, design-driven narratives using data as a powerful force for impact.

Workshop is geared towards all audiences and would be valuable for any professionals that give presentations using data.


2021-2022 Academic Year Fall:

  • ECON101: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON402: Solving Social & Economic Problems with Data
  • BUAD516: Macroeconomics for Managers (MBA)

2022 J-Term:

  • ECON101: Principles of Macroeconomics

2021-2022 Academic Year Spring:

  • ECON251: Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • DATA101: Introduction to Data Analytics

2022 May-Term

  • ECON101: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • BUAD589: Data Visualization (MBA)

Data Modules & Tutorials


Sample Automation Report

Sample Automation Report

An Introduction to R

An in-class tutorial to introduce R.

Data Visualization w/ ggplot

An in-class tutorial to introduce ggplot

A Primer on Regression Analysis

An example for basic regression analysis.

A Marketing Approach to Price Determination

An example of the Van Westendorp Pricing Model.

Academic Experience



Center for Business & Economic Analysis (CBEA), St. Norbert College

Sep 2014 – Present De Pere, WI
Lead the efforts of the CBEA in completing 20 community-based projects and giving 25 presentations in our first 4 years while partnering with the local business and non-profit community to promote collaboration with students in a consulting and project-based environment.

Associate Professor of Economics

St. Norbert College

Aug 2012 – Present De Pere, WI
Teach the macroeconomics related courses for SNC, including the principles and intermediate sections, as well as electives. In addition to teaching, I engage in multiple aspects of the college community, including advising students, presenting public lectures, and working with the local media for guest appearances. I pursue these activities along with my monetary economics focused research agenda. Responsibilities include: - Teaching - Researching - Mentoring - Serving

Doctoral Associate, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

Western Michigan University

Aug 2008 – Jun 2012 De Pere, WI
Taught independent sections of Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics courses for larger lectures of undergraduate students. My responsibilities include full course control including textbook selection, curriculum structure, quiz and exam creation, and assessment. Also, I served in a TA capacity for several courses including Microeconomics, African Economics, and Environmental Economics. In addition, I worked several semesters as an RA function in various data and research capacities.

Professional Experience


Graduate Research Intern

Fifth Third Asset Management (FTAM)

Sep 2010 – Jun 2011 Grand Rapids, MI
Conducted research as directed by the Senior Portfolio Manager of Taxable Fixed Income to assist in the institutional investment decision-making process. I collected and organized data covering nearly six million home mortgage observations and used this data to build mortgage default and mortgage prepayment forecasting models associated with asset-baeked securities. The models were constructed using survival analysis and a time-dependent covariate version of the Cox Proportional Hazards model for prediction. Additionally, interest rate, county-level unemployment rate, and regional home price index forecasting models were also created for mortgage-related analysis.

Regional Sales Associate: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Guggenheim Funds (Formerly Claymore Securities)

Dec 2006 – Aug 2008 Lisle, IL
Advised financial advisors and registered investment advisors on the implementation of Claymore (now Guggenheim Funds) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) as well as engaged advisors in conversations regarding market conditions, asset allocations, and securities trading strategies. I managed an eight state top-tier territory and successfully aided in ETF asset growth through multiple multi-million dollar transactions, helping to expand the ETF assets under management from 400 million dollars to 1.9 billion dollars in eight months.


  • 920.403.2971
  • 322 Cofrin Hall, St. Norbert College, 100 Grant St., De Pere, WI 54115
  • DM Me